20th January - 23rd March 2020
03:00 PM - 08:00 PM (WAT)

TechHub EKSU
Beside Heritage Bank,
Ekiti State University

Weekly Update

Study Jæm - Ekiti State

Developer Study Jæm - Ekiti State

Developer Study Jæm - Ekiti State is aimed at gathering developers from the various tech community like:

  • Developer Student Club,
  • Google Developer Group,
  • Women In Tech,
  • Facebook Developer Circle and many more in Ekiti State, Nigeria.

This is unlike any regular workshops, ækiti team would help in tutoring these web developers æternity technologies, encouraging them to collaborate and compete amidst themselves to develop remarkable solutions using æternity technologies.

Other developers worldwide can also join the workshop series online by filling the registration form to get invited to the Zoom sessions.

After the workshop, be sure you would be transformed into an æternity developer and that possibility is limitless. You would be able to participate in æternity hæckathons(plus ækiti hæckathons) and win prizes. You can probably launch your own token sale on æternity or join æternity's Starfleet incubator program.