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OpenSource with æternity

Save the Date: OpenSource with æternity

1. Welcome[5 min]

Debby Akinola - Event Moderator

2. Introducing Hacktoberfest[10 min]

Favour Adeshina - Lead, DSC EKSU

3. OpenSource: A Tool For All[30 min]

Session Agenda: OpenSource is not a new terminology but new in lots of minds, especially individuals not in the developer's world. The speaker is required to give a non-technical explanation of Open Source thereby relating it to Hacktoberfest and æternity blockchain.

Session Goals:

  • Knowing the importance and benefits of OpenSource.
  • Understanding how to contribute to OpenSource.

Speaker: Ridwan Adeola Otun

Speaker Description: Ridwan Adeola Otun is a 23year old API and Blockchain Engineer who enjoys building scalable systems with Elixir, Ruby, and more recently, æternity. He is currently building a Decentralized Identity System on the æternity blockchain.

4. æternity & Superhero[30 min]

Session Agenda: The speaker is required to give a non-technical explanation of æternity blockchain and Superhero. He will also give a practical session of using the Superhero wallet to generate a wallet, send tips, and claim tips. Furthermore, he is to explain what makes æternity blockchain and Superhero superb.

Session Goals:

  • Learning about æternity blockchain
  • Understanding Superhero and learning how to use its wallet effectively.

Speaker: Emmanuel Joseph(JET)

Speaker Description: Emmanuel Joseph(JET) is a full-stack web developer that is in love with community building. He is ækiti Lead and æmbassador. He makes use of Google and æternity technologies for developing web apps. He led the ækiti DevStudyJæm workshop series that introduced and taught æternity technologies in Ekiti State, Nigeria.

5. Networking[10 min]

Chidinma Amanna - Contest Moderator & Isaac Akinsika - Digital Designer

6. Workshop: OpenSource with æternity[30 min]

Session Agenda: The speaker is required to build a simple æpp using Sophia and æternity JavaScript SDK, then contribute the solution to the ækiti hacktoberfest repository thereby showing the attendees how to contribute to OpenSource.

Session Goals:

  • Learning how to write simple Sophia smart contracts.
  • Learning how to build a decentralized app using the æternity Javascript SDK
  • Learning how to practically contribute to OpenSource.

Speaker: Jesulonimi Akingbesote

Speaker Description: Jesulonimi Akingbesote is a Software Developer that builds awesome solutions using React, Kotlin, and æternity tools. He is ækiti æmbassy Co-Lead and has written æternity web and mobile-based tutorials to help developers in the ecosystem.

7. Closing[5 min]

Debby Akinola - Event Moderator